Cledara launched subscription management tool in just 7 weeks



SCOPE: Front-end, Back-end

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About Cledara

Cledara offers a complete view of a company’s SaaS subscriptions. This gap-filling software maps the whole SaaS product purchasing process in real-time. It shows you what product was purchased by whom, with what intent and the cost incurred. Cledara’s centralized platform and virtual debit cards empower dynamic teams in tech startups to easily buy, manage, and cancel SaaS subscriptions.

Together from Cledara’s founding

We started working with Cledara in September 2018, very shortly after the company was founded. As we know each other from other projects in our network, the collaboration has been very fruitful from the beginning.

Although we do not tend to shape Cledara’s overall strategy, we are entrusted with a lot of small decisions about how the service looks and works. We also contribute to choosing the right path, when various options come into play.

Technical build of the product began just a few weeks before the public launch at an industry event. Working closely with the founder via daily updates and weekly sprints, we were able to build on our knowledge of banking as a service platforms (BAAS) and years of building banking products to launch the product in just 7 weeks.

Marcel Klimo, Project Manager for Cledara


Working for Cledara is quite specific, not always easy but a very rewarding experience. There are areas where Cristina, the CEO of Cledara, has a strong opinion on how things should work and look, but in many cases, our team has free hands to shape the product as they feel it. After the time spent together on the project, we mostly know what to expect from each other, and we jointly work on moving Cledara forward. I am curious about where we will push the product after seeing where we have got from that MVP we built more than a year ago and how it is helping customers to spend their time on managing finances more efficiently.

Matej Ďuriš, PMO for Cledara


What have we achieved together?

  • Building the entire technical solution using the power of BAAS
  • Launching the full-production web app in React in just 7 weeks
  • Implementing functional virtual cards
  • Integrating external services to Cledara’s interface (Xero)

How Cledara sees us

Vacuumlabs has provided us with an amazing team of engineers that takes real ownership in delivering a great product and helping our vision come true. They bring in the right expertise when needed, they challenge us, and they look for simple solutions to difficult problems; meaning we can move fast, learn, and iterate.

Cristina Vila, CEO of Cledara

Behind the curtain

For more than a year, the team mostly consisted of full-stack developers, who were able to constantly move the product forward, with help from other devs, designers, and CSS developers to deliver faster certain projects. Lately, we have been working on the whole app redesign.


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