StockTwits, stock streams viewed by more than 40 million people


BASE: New York

SCOPE: Front-end, Back-end, Security Audit

Image for project StockTwits

More than 1.3 million investors, market professionals and public companies use StockTwits, producing streams that are viewed by an audience of over 40 million across the financial web, and social media platforms.

StockTwits is listed as the Top 50 Innovative websites by Time Magazine & Fast Company.

The scope of our involvement

We significantly improved the experience and security for over 1.3 million investors, traders and entrepreneurs sharing investment ideas and financial information on the StockTwits social media platform. Our team has undertaken a security and performance audit of the StockTwits core platform.

Engagement highlights

We’ve identified multiple performance bottlenecks that when removed improved the system speed significantly. Additionally, we identified several potential security issues that we addressed before the launch.