AdaLite, a lightweight in-browser wallet for Cardano

In 2018, we at Vacuumlabs, as big fans and holders of Cardano cryptocurrency, have decided to help the Cardano ecosystem by developing a light, secure multi-platform wallet that users can access easily with a web-browser without the need to download anything.

INDUSTRY: Blockchain

BASE: Bratislava

SCOPE: Front-end, Back-end, Product Design

Image for project AdaLite

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency project, and it’s entirely open source. It runs the blockchain for the ADA cryptocurrency. Daedalus is a cryptocurrency wallet that holds Ada and allows transfers to other wallet addresses.

From an internal project to live product

AdaLite is our internal project. Our inspiration for this project was a favourite Ethereum web-based wallet MyEtherWallet. We code-named the project CardanoLite but later renamed it to AdaLite to once we launched for the public audience. Our goal was to develop a secure and lightweight wallet to store one of the 10 largest cryptocurrencies and to address the performance limitations of the official Daedalus wallet caused by the size of its dependencies (and therefore attack vectors). With AdaLite, we’ve successfully eliminated the need to download and synchronise the entire blockchain.

Hardware wallet implementation

Together with Trezor we provide the Cardano community with a new secure way to manage their ADA cryptocurrency. This way, the user always stores their private key on the Trezor hardware wallet. It isn’t necessary for the user to trust us when accessing their wallet through AdaLite website. It creates a whole new level of security for ADA holders.

Engagement highlights

Our team has reverse engineered the cryptography from the official Haskell implementation and ported it to a lightweight JavaScript app. Adalite takes less than 1 minute to create, load your wallet and initiate a transaction from your browser on multiple platforms. It makes AdaLite significantly faster than Daedalus.