Software engineer

We are always looking for bright minds to join us, regardless of their experience or tech stack they use. We operate in Bratislava, Košice, Prague, Brno, and Budapest. Working remotely is an option too.


A typical career path

Software engineer salary range at Vacuumlabs: 1,600 – 6,400 €. See the typical career path to learn what you can expect:

Intern Junior Mid Team Lead + 15% Equity Senior + 15% Equity


With limited programming experience, you require close supervision. You are eager to learn and don’t give up easily.


You are comfortable working with standard toolchain, research information independently, and start developing a basic taste for a good code. You develop simple features under the guidance of your more experienced colleagues.

1,600 EUR–2,000 EUR
+ 15% Equity (after 1 year)


You can develop most of the features independently, coach less experienced colleagues, and lead small projects occasionally.

2,250 EUR–2,750 EUR
+ 15% Equity (after 1 year)


You require no supervision implementing even the hard parts of the software. You routinely lead junior colleagues and actively participate in design & code reviews. You always look at the code through the optics of its business impacts and can communicate them to the customer. You proactively research new trends and prepare talks for your colleagues and the general audience. We trust you to lead teams of 3–4 people.

3,200 EUR–3,800 EUR
or opt for converting 5% cash for 15% equity

Team Lead

You are capable of leading the biggest of projects. You think of costs, benefits, and risks of any decision, even a bad one. You discuss, design and write documentation before writing a single line of code. If a proper software architecture doesn't pull its weight, you advocate for a 'quick and simple' solution.

4,300 EUR–6,400 EUR
or opt for converting 5% cash for 15% equity

Engineering is hard

Computer programs are the most complex things that humans make. We believe that these three essential skills are the foundation of good engineering.


Strong analytical thinking

A sound engineer can reason about the code without executing it. Writing a quality code equals the ability to prove its correctness and effectiveness beforehand.


Strong intuition

Requirements, APIs, and whole ecosystems change without a warning. Decisions need to be made with incomplete information. Best engineers are able to navigate the uncertain world of engineering with their well trained ‘hunches’.


Simplicity mindset

Sometimes the best abstraction is no abstraction, the best library is the one you don’t use, and the best test one you don’t need to write. Great engineers know that and spend more time using their brains than using their fingers.

As software engineer you will:

  • Work on either backend or frontend (or both) depending on your preference.
  • Use technologies from tech stacks we use to develop various parts of the software independently or under supervision (depending on your experience).
  • Peer review your colleagues’ code to sustain high quality.
  • Lead your junior colleagues if you are on more experienced position.
  • Optionally, you can have space to prepare and present talks.

Our application process

Get into the spotlight!

Do you want to join Vacuumlabs, but our recruiters keep missing the signals? Complete the Initial challenge in 90 minutes, and they'll notice you! Use any tech stack you want to complete the challenge.

  • 0. Initial challenge

    If you pass this challenge we will contact you and we can progress to Home assignment.
  • 1. Home assignment

    The first round of assessment consists of a home assignment. You have two hours of time and a programming language of your choice to beat it.
  • 2. Live problem solving

    You will solve and discuss coding problems with one of our engineers. In this round, we want to learn more about your thought process and see your coding and communication skills.
  • 3. Live challenge and meeting with the CTO

    Similar to the previous round but this time with our CTO, Tomas. If you’re aspiring for a senior role, be ready to discuss software design problem too.
  • Choose your location

    • Bratislava
    • Košice
    • Prague
    • Brno
    • Budapest
    • Remote

Tech stacks we use

On the backend, we use Clojure, Python, Kotlin, or JavaScript, and on the frontend, we use React. For mobiles and desktops, it’s React Native.

We’re conservative with databases, and we lean towards ACID transactional databases such as PostgreSQL, or the immutable Datomic. However, when you need a high write performance, hardly anything beats a well-tuned DynamoDB.

Do you want to know more about applying process? See our FAQs.



A few perks we call benefits


In Vacuumlabs we value and respect each other. We're trying to create the best possible environment for all of us. It's not only about material benefits, but also about helping each other grow and learn new things.

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Life at Vacuumlabs

We value and respect each other while trying to create the best possible environment for all of us. It's not only about material benefits, but also about helping you grow and learn new things. We call it the Vacuumlabs way.

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