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Spotlight & Discovery

  • Product, UX and technology spotlight
  • MVP Specification
  • User testing
  • Performance and security audit
  • Tech stack advisory

Product build

  • Your own exclusive team
  • Vision and planning
  • Concept and product design
  • Engineering and development
  • Maintenance and DevOps

Fluid Workforce

  • Extend your internal team
  • Increase delivery rate
  • Fill skills or experience gaps
  • Supercharge existing staff OR end-to-end responsibility for specific functionality

Benefits of working with us


For Corporate Innovators

Developers working on your project are employees of Vacuumlabs - not contractors. We hire only the top 1% of developers, and give them equity in the company. That means not only are they good, but they're more likely to be around for the duration of your project (and any follow up work).

We're so committed to quality development that we pioneered the No Spaghetti Society: an initiative for better engineering.


For scale-ups

We have a track record of delivery: High quality work that is on-spec and on budget, for some of the most demanding clients around. Our team have the highest technical competence and we work in the most sophisticated of spaces (fintech, crypto, open banking).

Our clients are pleased with our work, and say nice things about us - just ask them… we’ll put you in touch.


For start-ups

Vacuumlabs are based in the European Union (EU) which has strong data protection legislation (GDPR) - something you won't find when outsourcing to India or Ukraine. Your data is safe here.

We have best-in-class security and disaster recovery plans - our infrastructure is more than sufficient to prevent any data breach.

Selected reference:
Standard Chartered in Hong Kong

Standard Chartered Bank is launching a virtual Bank in Hong Kong, incorporating innovative services and a unique client experience which will enable customers to meet all of their daily banking needs on a purely digital basis. We are providing a large and dedicated team who are leading the greenfield development of the mobile banking application.

In addition to development, the team are providing comprehensive input across architecture, technologies and cloud services to ensure the Bank can launch a state-of-the-art innovative solution.

You are in good company

Vacuumlabs has provided us with an amazing team of engineers who deliver a great product and help our vision come true. They bring in the right expertise when needed, they challenge us, and they look for simple solutions to difficult problems; meaning we can move fast, learn and iterate.

Cristina Vila, CEO of Cledara
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