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Can Crypto disrupt the fintech before challenger banks?

We believe that blockchain, if approached correctly, has a great potential to change the financial services.



Is blockchain the right technology for my project?

Blockchain is a great technology for building robust decentralized solutions, but using it just for the sake of the technology might be ineffective at least, or very dangerous business-wise. Let’s talk about your project and find out together.

Vacuumlabs is a development partner for Cardano Blockchain Ecosystem

Together with Emurgo, Cardano Foundation, and IOHK we build crucial parts of the ecosystem. We’ve created Adalite web wallet, Yoroi mobile wallet, integrated Cardano with both Trezor and Ledger and currently, we’re working on a brand new staking-aware chain explorer. We’ll be announcing more interesting stuff soon, so stay tuned!

Our services


Blockchain Consulting

Validating your ideas and identifying the best use cases for blockchain technology in your business is the core of our consultancy service. We base our strategic insights and analysis on our blockchain application experience in the real world.


Blockchain Development

We can take over the development of decentralised applications (dApps), smart contracts, oracles, secure crypto wallets, or even whole new cryptocurrency.


Hardware wallets integration

We understand hardware wallets in depth and can harness their security features to secure your business.


Automated Trading Platforms

Depending on your needs, we can develop completely custom solutions. Do you need tools to execute your automated trading strategies, rebalance your crypto portfolio or automate your fund? We are the partner who brings experience and expertise.


Integration Services

You just hit the milestone and need to integrate your systems with public and private blockchains or crypto exchanges? Backed by our experience across the fintech ecosystem and previous blockchain projects, we develop efficient and effective integrations.


Security and Code Audits

Our researchers have been awarded bounties for finding security flaws in two top-10 cryptocurrencies (More details to be disclosed soon!). We wrote the security guidelines for engineers developing for one of the top hardware wallets. We’re ready to use this expertise to secure your product.

Our selected blockchain projects

Image for project Yoroi wallet for mobile
Cryptocurrency wallets

Yoroi wallet for mobile

We're developing a stand-alone Android and iOS versions of Yoroi wallet for Emurgo, one of the Cardano blockchain governing entities responsible for the ecosystem development.

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Image for project Integrating Cardano to HW wallets
Hardware wallets integration

Integrating Cardano to HW wallets

We have reimplemented the Cardano transaction signing process in C. Our contributions were properly audited and became part of Trezor and Ledger codebases. Thanks to this project, all official and community wallets can benefit from superior HW wallets’ security.

Image for project Decentralized data storage app
Blockchain development

Decentralized data storage app

We're developing a secure decentralised data storage product for a well-funded Silicon Valley start-up.

Image for project Cardano Explorer
Blockchain development

Cardano Explorer

We are developing a new generation of blockchain explorer for Emurgo compatible with latest Cardano blockchain update that is introducing decentralization and staking.

Announcement on CoinReport

Image for project AdaLite Wallet
Cryptocurrency wallets

AdaLite Wallet

A lightweight in-browser wallet for Cardano. No installation, no private data stored, fast and secure. AdaLite is our internal project.

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Image for project Tier 1 HW wallet Security audit
Security audit

Tier 1 HW wallet Security audit

Our researchers received multiple bounty rewards for finding critical vulnerabilities in various cryptocurrency integrations for one of the HW wallets manufacturers and subsequently we were hired by the manufacturer to do a security audit of some high-profile cryptocurrencies’ integrations.

Image for project Private Trading platform
Automated trading platforms

Private Trading platform

Automatic trading platforms doing high frequency trades on various exchanges based on pre-set rules executing arbitrage and market making (liquidity) strategies.

Image for project First Crypto ETF
Automated trading platforms

First Crypto ETF

The ETF (exchange-traded fund) contains a portfolio of cryptocurrencies with shares represented by crypto tokens. We built a hot/cold wallet solution and a website supporting ICO token exchange.

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Vacuumlabs has been a critical partner to EMURGO and Cardano, by providing us the flexibility of an extended team that feels and works as one of our own. We are pleased to have found a team that is competent, responsible and understands complex topics in crypto. We see ourselves working with Vacuumlabs for a long time.

Nicolas Arqueros, CTO of Emurgo
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Let’s build your next blockchain product together.

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